Sunday, May 25, 2014

In: Easy wrap lunch

I had been packing sandwiches for lunch for a while and started wanting some more variety. But what could I do with all of the meat and cheese and other sandwich-y ingredients that I had already purchased? The solution: wraps.

Step 1: Gather your ingredients
-sauce (e.g., honey mustard, mustard, BBQ sauce, ranch, hot sauce)
-ham/turkey slices (optional and substitutable)
-cheese slices

Step 2: Add ingredients to tortilla
Spread your sauce on the tortilla, and then add your other ingredients to the middle of the tortilla. I put the ham and cheese on first and then added the vegetables.

Step 3: Fold the tortilla into a wrap
Fold the two sides of the tortilla (that are not covered with ingredients) into the middle and skewer in place with a toothpick. Cut diagonally in half and serve.

Easy peasy way to add some variety to your lunch! Bon apetit!